We Bring You More HiFi Customers

Learn how Amplify HiFi can bring you more customers into your store and build solid relationships that convert to sales.


Amplify HiFi is a boutique marketing agency soley focused on the HiFi Retail Industry

Simply put, marketing is what we do best, and HiFi is our passion.

As audiophiles ourselves, we know what matters. We hear the difference in the speakers if they are out of position. We hear how the vacuum tubes smooth out the music. We understand how the quality of cables can make a difference.

You will not find a better qualified marketing partner that understands the dificulties of marketing HiFi.

Our mission is to empower you to build lifelong relationships with your customers resulting in increased sales and more referrals.

Schedule a call and let's see if we are a goof fit to work together!

About Us

Meet Jonathan Kirkland, Amplify HiFi Owner

My name is Jonathan Kirkland and I'm the owner of Amplify HiFi.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I have owned retail stores, operated online stores, and served as a Chief Marketing Officer for three decades.

Bottom line, I know high-end retail and can help you fill the gaps in your marketing.

I was introduced to HiFi about three years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Amplify HiFi is my passion project to help HiFi dealers reach new customers and grow in the audiophile scene.

Let's have a conversation and see how I can serve you.


An All-Inclusive Program to Drive Sales.

Success Planning

We work with you create a comprehensive action plan to maximize marketing efforts on every level for your store - digital marketing, trade / used / demo sales, and in-store events.


With over two decades of rertail and digital marketing experience we have the ability to provide guidance and advice about attracting customers and sales. Our agency soley focuses on services to the HiFi industry.

Brand Compliant

We are 100% Complaint with all HiFi manufacturer and distributor marketing guidelines and advertising embargos. Many Brands offer Co-op money for our marketing programs. Let's discuss and find out if you qualify.

Social Media Management

Skilled management of your social media presence to increase followers, drive engagement, and sales. We fill your social channels with beautiful content that promote your brands, products, and will bring customers to your showroom.

Proprietary HiFi CRM

All clients are provided our proprietary software and mobile app to communicate with customers and also tracks the store's marketing efforts to measure success with full transparancy.

Review Builder

We will easily obtain raving customer reviews for your store, increasing new customer trust and social proof. Our review builder system assures that customers are not only happy, but will recommend you to other audiophiles.


No long term contracts.

Get results or do not pay.

You can't lose.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

You will need to order more inventory.


Let's talk shop, we're listening.

We look forward to having a discussion with you about your business and goals. Our Success Program is all inclusive and custom designed for your budget, the brands you carry, and the goals you have.

Book a call with us, we only engage with one dealer in a location so we can dominate for you!

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Our Program

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